Summer 2002 Pictures

Matt in the foreground while I jump off of the rocks at Miller's Pond in Durham.

While the Senate was debating on whether or not to grant President Bush Fast-Track power, those of us from the Connecticut Citizen Action Group (CCAG) went down to Senator Lieberman's office in Hartford and joined up with the Machinists Union to express our opposition to that legislation. btw, the guy in the devil outfit is the man.

On June 30th, Ralph Nader's Democracy Rising tour hit New Haven and I went down with CCAG to get more people involved in our grassroots political work. The speakers shown here are (from top left, clockwise) my father, Ralph Nader, Jello Biafra (from the Dead Kennedys), and Janeane Garofalo.

The day after the Nader event the most evil man in Connecticut, Governor John Rowland, announced he was running for re-election. Not content to harrass him only when in Hartford, CCAG went down to New London to disrupt the first stop of the day's tour of Connecticut. Although I only attended the New London stop, CCAG was present throughout his stops that day, including renting an advertising plane against Rowland in Hartford

This summer we finally got rid of our old canoe (the one we never used because it had holes in it) and got a nice new one that you can see my father, sister, and mother taking out on Lake Beseck in Middlefield

On my last full day in New York with 32BJ before heading back to Connecticut I decided to find the Strawberry Fields area of Central Park and pay tribute to John Lennon. When my family came down a few days later, we decided to stop by again and here you can see shots of the Dakota (where John Lennon lived/was shot), my family at Strawberry Fields, the Imagine mosaic, and my sister and I at the Give Peace a Chance memorial.

During one of my many drives down the New Jersey Turnpike over the summer, I spotted on the announcement board at the Meadowlands that Real Madrid and Roma were going to be playing there. After the paramedics got my heart started again I purchased tickets. Although the score was 0-0 it was incredible to see these two great teams play live and to take in the amazing atmosphere of a true professional soccer match (sorry MLS), complete with drums, chants running throughout the match, the most incredible wave I've ever seen at a sporting event, and a brawl in the line waiting to get in.

As improbable as it sounds and as weird as it looks, cooking a chicken on the grill with a 3/4 full beer can with garlic in it is actually quite delicious. Here you can see Matt during our second time cooking it. I highly recommend trying this out

Matt, Ted, and I checking out our house over the summer.

When he came to meet Ted and I at Redbones, Matt apparently forgot you need your keys to get back into the car if you lock the doors.

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