Sophomore Year Pictures

These pictures were all taken by Ted, who was the only one of us to have a camera last year, let alone a digital one.

Pictures from the infamous snow fight at Lewis the day that Tufts actually cancelled all classes.

This is from when the sewage from the bathroom backed up and flooded our hall. Well not really, but an inch of clean water on your floor isn't good either. Being woken at 6:30 AM and hearing the splash of your foot hitting water when you step out of bed is not pleasant. We were soooo close to snapping and getting in a brawl with the people upstairs who were responsible.

On the night before spring fling, Ted and I start our quest to each drink the equivalent of my fencing trophy in beer. Yeah, that was a really dumb idea, I don't think either one of us made it anywhere near the goal.

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