Senior Year Pictures

Well I've decided to put up some of the pictures I've taken so far this year. Oddly enough the majority of them involve drinking. Well there's always the DC trip Pictures for other senior year pictures.

Here's our place at 9 Sunset Ave. I'm living here with Matt and Ted (check out the summer pics to see us at the house)

Our first party here at 9 Sunset went great, with the beirut game drawing the attention of all. Mike and Matt dominated all night long. Well, up until the last game where they were too innebriated to stand, let alone toss a ping-pong ball into a cup eight feet away. Here you can see Matt tossing and the team to finally unseat them, Tim and Suba (aka "Jungle Cats")

One of the sources of entertainment at the party was Mike's antics. Here is a sampling of his night. Yes, all of these pictures were taken within three hours of each other

So fencing has started up again this year and the team looks incredible, great cohesive team dynamic, and lots of great fencers. But damnit, why'd I have to break my two best weapons in the first few weeks of practice?

A good stress relief this semester has been our beirut games, here you can see (clockwise from upper left) Me throwing, Ted sinking a shot, the couples match (Matt and Rebecca vs. Mike and Shira), and Emilio and Gladys.

After the summer I was left with a bunch of beer labels that I had peeled off of many different beers that I had consumed, but what was I to do with them? Well of course the answer was to build the greatest beirut table of all time by incorporating all 99 labels into the design!!

OK, no more drinking pictures (for this one at least). Back in early October the Republican Governers Association (of which Connecticut Governor John Rowland is head) held their annual convention and SEIU/CCAG were there to disrupt Rowland's event. Here you can see (clockwise from upper left) the SEIU bus we went down on, some of our signs during the speech part of the event, CCAG Director Tom Swan yelling, and our group during the protest.

OK, back to drinking pictures. On the way back from DC we grabbed some Yuengling Black and Tan and hit the road in the SEIU bus and had a great ride home on the bus.

One thing we always like to work on in the fencing team is having a good team dynamic, and what better way to accomplish that than to throw a party at our house for everyone to hang out and drink?
(clockwise from upper left) Chris (fencing alumni) and Randy "playing" beirut, Tim and Brian hittin' up the Bacardi, a crowd of fencers in our kitchen, and me acting surprised.

After our intramural soccer matches on Thursdays (yeah Rabid Wombats, at press time tied with the International House at the top of the IM standings at 4-1) we have begun a Thursday tradition of playing cards and drinking 40s.

Here's a few shots of Halloween 2002 at Tufts. Mike as a gangsta, me as Richie Tenenbaum, Steph as a shooting star, Emilio and Gladys as Vampire Hunter D and a vampire.

A week after the rally in DC, I went to another anti-war rally held on the Boston Common with about 15-20,000 people in attendance. Along with shots of the rally and following march, you can see Tim Robbins (bottom-right) and my friend Eva during the march (bottom-left).

In early November the Tufts Coalition to Oppose War on Iraq held a teach-in to educate students about the war, here you can see (clockwise from top-left) Erin Dwyer, Prof Gary Leupp, Eva Skillicorn, and Sadaf Gulamali speaking.

Waking up the day before Thanksgiving, I was surprised to find at least ten inches of snow on the ground. My Uncle John was even more surprised when he looked out our back door to see some snow-laden small trees in our back yard covering his car.

Rather than driving down to Philadelphia for Thanksgiving, we decided to host Thanksgiving in Connecticut this year. Here are the Donovans that came up.
Front row: (l to r) Me, Mikey, my sister Sarah, Billy, Neal, Kevin, and Ryan.
Middle row: my dad, Eric, Katie, Megan, Kristen, Erin, Nicole, Uncle Al, Aunt Helen, and Aunt Annette.
Back row: Uncle Bill, my mom, Aunt Renee, Uncle John, and Uncle Pat.

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