Miscellaneous Pictures I

These are a series of interesting pictures that don't quite fit into any of the other categories.

Shouldn't all banks have this sign?

Unfortunately this is only a paper president, just about as good for working people as the real one, perhaps better.

Watch out for the brethalyzer test.

Different levels of friendship ducking out of the rain.

Franklin Roosevelt is creepy, but Eleanor is so nice.

My friend Caroline in DC.

Matt and Don getting down.

The space needle in Seattle.

SEIU headquarters in DC.

At the Paper City Brewery in Holyoke, MA.

At the beach in Malibu

Going... sideways?

Vivid colors from the lights in the Point State Park tunnel.

Highland Park in Pittsburgh.

The Pacific Ocean hitting my feet for the first time.

Now I'll never forget where to get a car wash for peanuts.

The mannequin on the left is hot.

More and more they're turning to the good side...
Check out the Law & Order hat!

Playing with exposure times.

More exposure fun, up on Mt Washington.

Edited Pictures - Various shots playing with color

original / edited

original / edited

original / edited

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