Pictures around Pittsburgh

In the first part of 2004 I was on assignment in Pittsburgh working with SEIU District 1199P working on organizing healthcare workers. During my time here I've gotten out to take a bunch of pictures, enjoy...

Up the southern bank of the Monongahela and Ohio river Mount Washington faces the point where the three rivers come together, here are a series of pictures from the observation deck. day / evening / night

Once spring rolled around I was finally able to appreciate all of the great parks and green-space in Pittsburgh. For a city with such an industrial history the presence of so many parks is surprising. Here is a view of downtown from Schenley Park.

Pittsburgh Bridges

With the Monongahela, Allegheny, and Ohio rivers converging on Pittsburgh there are a ton of bridges in the area. I don't know why, but I've always been fascinated by bridges and because each bridge here in Pittsburgh has its own unique character (excluding the Three Sisters Bridges on the Allegheny) they've been the subject of many of my photos in the area.

The 9th Street Bridge.
The most upstream of the indentical Three Sisters Bridges (along with the 6th & 7th street bridges) crossing the Allegheny in downtown.

The 16th Street Bridge.
I don't know what it is about yellow bridges in Pittsburgh, seven of the eleven road bridges going in downtown are painted yellow, but it certainly makes them stand out.

The George Westinghouse Bridge.
Of the bridges in the Pittsburgh area this one, connecting North Versailles (yes, its pronounced ver-sales) and East Pittsburgh is my favorite. The way the sun shines off of the concrete in the middle of the day really emphasizes the elegance of the design. The central span of the bridge was at one time the longest span of a concrete bridge and doesn't cross any of the major rivers in the area, but rather the Turtle Creek Valley.

This fountain is located in Point State Park, at the tip of downtown. Lately I've been playing around with exposure times on the camera, and fountains turn out to be a great subject for these type of experiments.

Here are two different views of the foot-tunnel that goes under I-279 in Point State Park downtown.

While I was taking pictures of the fountain at the point, the sky opened up and everyone around made a mad dash for the tunnel. Despite not planning on taking pictures there, these shots of people in the tunnel waiting out the storm are probably my favorites from that evening of pictures.

The Cathedral of Learning on the campus of the University of Pittsburgh, one of the more recognizable buildings in Pittsburgh and also the second tallest educational building on earth, behind what, I have no idea.
day / night

One of the really interesting aspects of being a union organizer in Pittsburgh is the rich and important history of organized labor in the area. Here are the remaining buildings from the US Steel Homestead Works (closed 1986). This area was the site of the infamous Battle of Homestead (1892), which was one of the most violent and dramatic events in US labor history.

Despite the horrible effect it has on the environment, there is something about the old industry in the Pittsburgh area (particularly in the Monongahela Valley) that really fascinates me. Here is one of the few relics of an earlier time that is still functioning, the Coke Plant at the US Steel Clairton Works.

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