Spring Break In England

This year I spent my spring break in England with Matt D. Ted, our future housemate, was studying at the University College London for his junior year, so we stayed with him. We were in London for most of the time, including St. Patrick's Day, and went up to Liverpool and Manchester in the northwest for a few days.

Here's Lowell (another friend of Ted's who was visiting), Ted, and Matt at a pub called O'Neills. It was conveniently located within a 30 second walk from Ted's dorm. This was our first stop in the search of the cool guinness hats they were supposedly giving out with the purchase of 5 pints, but we never got one, despite seeing hundreds on people.

The inside/ outside of O'Neills with our empty pints in the window

The four of us a block down the street at Rocket, another pub in the area. I was ecstatic to see football (soccer) on the big screen at this pub, unfortunately it was Arsenal and they were winning, and that made me mad.

You can see Matt here poking around outside the Cavern, the club where the Beatles played over 250 times. Apparently the original club was demolished, but when people realized there was money to be made it was excavated.

After Liverpool, we hopped on the train over to Manchester. That morning we ate at a nice breakfast counter that had a nice award up for winning the bronze medal, which we thought funny until we saw it was for hygeine, then we were scared. After wandering to the Manchester Metro we went to Manchester United's stadium, Old Trafford (the east stand of which is seen here.)

The stadium tour ended here in the southwest corner, right outside the player's tunnel.

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