Junior Year Pictures

I came back to Tufts a day early to find a bunch of activists in the Stratton lounge. This picture was taken after an intense game of tag (as evidenced by the upturned couches and cushions).

One of the big events on campus this semester was Bill Clinton speaking at this year's Fares Lecture. Unfortunately most people who wanted tickets didn't get them the first day. This led to fear that if you didn't get in line early the next day, you wouldn't get tickets. A bunch of us fencers camped out on the bridge at Dowling Hall from 5AM til they opened at 9, it was really really cold and windy. You can see the size of the line that formed behind us.

Myself, Matt, Lee, and Tim, delirious with excitement and lack of sleep, with our Clinton tickets.
Incidentaly, they increased ticket avaialability and you could walked in at 1PM and gotten tickets.

Here's Clinton speaking at the Gantcher Center, here's a shot of the crowd (the red arrow is where we are sitting)

Clinton wasn't the only great speaker to come to campus this semester, Michael Moore spoke to a packed house in Pearson 104 in April. He really worked with the audience well and if you aren't familiar with his work, I suggest you check him out.

Part of the epee squad hanging out at Brown for the New England Intercollegiate Fencing Conference Championships. (l to r) Matt Schumann, Amanda, Matt Peterson, our head coach Elif, and myself

Yeah, you like that? If you look closely in the highlighted area you can see the tip of my blade (I'm on the right) about to land on the leg of the UMass fencer.

This is what happens when you put a very heavy piece of machinery on a flat-bed that's too small to handle it. Thankfully the guy that was inside was ok, but the traffic at the world's worst intersection was made worse, if thats possible.

These are portions of The Epic of American Civilization by Jose Clemente Orozco. We drove up to Dartmouth to look at this mural for my 20th Century Mexican Art class. These are just two of fourteen major and ten minor panels. For more info, check out the Dartmouth website.

What could be better than taking in a Red Sox/Yankees game you ask? How about it being at Fenway, on Patriots Day, and the Sox beat those bastards from New York? Oh yeah, and Joe McIntyre of New Kids on the Block fame (infamy?) sang the national anthem, can't get much better than that.

Me, Emilio, Stan, Gladys, and Marc throw the Lewis gang-sign from our freshman year the night before spring fling 2002. Apparently Marc doesn't realize/care that his is backwards. Marc complained so I fixed it for him. Back to normal

The sabre team chillin, Tim is really concetrating on those darts eh? (another pre-spring fling pic)

I kept on telling Stan that I was going to punch him in the head while he slept, but he didn't believe me.

For one of our dorm programs, my RA Doug took a bunch of us out to Walden Pond for an afternoon. It was cool playing up the activist stereotypes of eating a vegetarian picnic and playing barefoot ultimate frisbee on the beech.

This shot is from the Prudential Building. Its cool to see the Hancock reflect the sunset.

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