Connecticut Pictures

Here I am with Don and Matt chillin' in my room.

Christmas at my Aunt Helen and Uncle Al's house in Waterbury
(l to r) Aunt Helen, Kristen, Nicole, Dad, Uncle Pat, Eric, Mom

A panoramic view of Meriden (with Pete) on top of Mount Higby in January.

John Plotica off in the distance at Mount Higby.

One of our notorious car rides led by John Dunn on my last night in town before going back to Tufts after winter break.
Matt, John and Pete sitting outside Don's place after we took some pictures of our car sabotage performed earlier in the night on Don's car.

So we're sitting in my living room waiting for Larissa and her roommate, when I hear a car door slam. So I walk over to the door and see my neighbor's car coming down the hill. "Oh, it was just my neighbor backing out" I say. As soon as I close the door, I hear a horrible cracking sound. When i reopen the door, I see a Honda Civic sitting 6 inches away from our front step on top of our new fence. Apparently our new neighbors across the street (which is uphill from us) were moving some things in, and the person helping them forgot to put the E-brake on, hence allowing the car to roll down the hill and narrowly avoid my car and Matt's truck.

We pulled into the Athena Diner in North Haven one night, and I noticed a disfigurement in the side of the building that looked suspiciously like an SUV had kinda missed the parking space. In case you can't figure it out, its the disfigurement without the glasses. (that's Don)

This is pictoral evidence of why watering your Christmas tree is important.

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