Hiking Pictures

During my brief stints at home its always nice to get out in the woods, take in the atmosphere, and take a ridiculous amount of pictures.

Matt, Jessica, Don, Aliza, and Jess's neice at the top of Chauncey Peak in Guiffrida Park.

Matt scaling the face of Ragged Mountain

Afer you go up, you must come back down.
(same place, a few months apart)

A climber at Ragged Mountain in Berlin/Southington, CT.

Now where did she go?

Not often are you able to stand in the middle of a lake.

Why does it look like Matt is Swamp Thing kidnapping a woman?

During Many of our hikes in 2004 Casey, Matt's dog, tagged along for the trip. Much like my cats she provided not only companionship, but a good photgraphic subject

Here she is in a nice dramatic looking pose.

Now Casey don't follow me, stay, I'm going out on the ledge here.
In Casey's mind: blah Casey don't stay blah blah blah blah.

Casey jumping up to grab a treat.

Casey chasing after me.

The view up an electrical tower at Ragged Mountain

A fuzzy caterpiller at Guiffrida Park.

Rarely do you get the chance to find Mountain Dew growing in the wild.

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