Anti-War Protest in Washington DC 10/26/02

Over fifty Tufts students went down to Washington this fall to protest our evil President's plans to launch a pre-emptive strike on Iraq. Attendance at the event was estimated at 50-200,000, with my guess being in the 125-150,000 range. Amazingly police presence was kept to a minimum, and the event sent a clear message to the powers that be that there is strong opposition to this war.

This is the affinity group (small independent subdivision at a protest) that I was with during the protest. They are (from left to right) Jenn, Megan, Jon, Leah, and Eva.

Before the big march, there were numerous speakers on the stage near the Vietnam Memorial. Notable speakers included Susan Sarandon, Patti Smith, and Jesse Jackson (who is shown here).

The march started at the Vietnam Memorial and went down Constitution Ave towards the White House, here you can see the march going down Constitution.

Here we see Leah posing with none other than President Un-Elect Bush in the crowd at the rally.

This group of peace activists from Vermont staged an extremely complex street theater which persisted long after the rest of the march had passed.

With every good protest comes a really pathetic counter-protest. Not quite up to the cheese factor of the Patriot's Rally at 4/20, these individuals, who are behind the police line here, were waiting for us at 17th and Constitution.

Ton's of young'uns were present at the protest, which was nice to see, having been in DC for political events as a kid. Here you can see the kids area at the rally and a rather tired young man on his father's shoulders.

Apparently someone felt the flag that was on the Federal Reserve wasn't appropriate, so they decided to add their own to the front of the building. Soon after I took the large picture a security guard showed up and took down the flag. If you can't read the writing, click here

Of all of the signs that we saw in DC, this was our favorite. Kinda seems like a headline you would see on The Onion.

After the march, my friend Adam helped an older woman decorate a sign that she couldn't reach on her own

After the protest, our affinity group was dead tired and looking for something to do while we waited for the bus to leave for Tufts. We asked a George Washington student for ideas and she suggested hanging out at the Einstein statue. So thats what we did. The one on the left is Megan and I on the statue, those are actually separate pictures, but I decided to combine them into one. On the right is our whole group (clockwise from top: Me, Leah, Eva, Jenn, Megan, and Jon)

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