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Over the summer of 2002 I interned with Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 32BJ. I worked in the Newark, New Jersey office of Local 32BJ which represents over 70,000 building service workers in the NY/NJ/CT area. There were about 25 others from the New York/North New Jersey area participating in the program. Over the summer we performed many actions in support of workers in those areas, including getting arrested for trespassing in Westchester County. I also had the fun experience of having an angry yuppie in Manhattan throw a cup of coffee all over me.

A shot of the 32BJ Youth Brigade at the banquet held at the end of our program.

These shots are from our two day march from White Plains, New York to Stamford, Connecticut. The march was in protest of the unfair wages/benefits paid to cleaners in White Plains, and went from those buildings to the headquarters Albert Ashforth Inc, the building owner in those buildings.

The 15 mile march took place during one of the hottest weeks of the summer, and at one point it was determined that in order for everyone to arrive at the destination without having heat exhaustion we jumped in vans and drove about 2 miles up the road. Unfortunately we didnt have enough vans to accomodate everyone, but the Greenwich police glady gave the Member Brigade a ride in their paddywagon. Many pictures were taken showing them exiting.

One of our many chants in our actions and rallies was "Arriba la Unión, Abajo la Explotación" which translates into "Up with the Union, Down with Exploitation." What makes this one a lot of fun is seeing the whole group raise their arms for the "Arriba" and crouching down for the "Abajo"

My father speaking at the rally in Stamford following the march.

During the rallies at the beginning and the end of the march, our group performed a small bit of street theater putting contractor Albert Ashforth on trial for exploiting the workers. These are shots during the trial.

At one of our most important buildings over the summer, 60 Park Ave in Newark, we also performed a street theater, but less in the traditional theater sense. We had groups performing various things. Shown here is our step routine group and the funeral mourning the death of a Living Wage, Respect for Workers, and other rights we fought for.

In addition to our group 32BJ also has many Member Organizing Brigades in which they bring union members out of the workplace and into the office for six weeks and train them in union organizing while paying the wages they would make on the job. Here I am with the Newark Member Brigade from the summer of 2002.

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